TPV Group

The TPV Group connects legally independent companies in order to organize common economic goals. The relationship between the companies is based on the ownership shares of the controlling company in subsidiaries, which operate according to the principles of the capital or actual corporation.

Companies in the TPV Group


TPV Group

TPV Group, naložbe in inženiring d.o.o., shortened TPV Group d.o.o.

Activities: investment management, finance and strategies, investment engineering, energy supply and communication.



TPV AUTOMOTIVE, tovarna avtomobilskih komponent d.o.o., shortened TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o.

Activities: development, production and marketing of automotive components and services;


TPV AVTO Podjetje za trženje in vzdrževanje vozil d.o.o., shortened TPV AVTO d.o.o.

Activities: sale and servicing of passenger cars and conversion of vehicles according to customer requirements;


TPV PRIKOLICE, Tovarna prikolic d.o.o., shortened TPV PRIKOLICE d.o.o.

Activities: development, production and marketing of light cargo trailers.

TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o. 100% owned subsidiaries

TPV Automotive Serbia d.o.o., Serbia

Shenyang TPV avtomobilski deli d.o.o., China

Information on the parent company

Name:TPV Group, investments and engineering d.o.o., shortened TPV Group d.o.o.
Headquarters:Novo mesto
Address:Kandijska cesta 54, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija
Main activity:70.2 Business and management consultancy activities
VAT number:90151712
Registration number:2251213
Share capital:3.705.668,00 EUR
Partners:Vladimir Gregor Bahč, Zvone Nosan, Mojca Nosan
Director:Mag. Marko Gorjup
Supervisory Board:Vladimir Gregor Bahč, Marija Rešetič, Darinka Antončič