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AGV Solutions

AGV – automated guided vehicles

Effective management of production logistics

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TPV Group - Sales and after-sales of vehicles

Comprehensive services for vehicles users

Sales, after-sales and adaptations of vehicles

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TPV Group is an innovative and state-of-the-art company with core operations based in the automotive industry. Employing more than 1200 people and incorporating three business divisions, the Group is located in 5 sites in Slovenia and 1 site in Serbia.


Our development goals are aimed at broader development competencies and solutions. By introducing new materials and innovative technologies we pursue our direction to use light materials and environment-friendly products.


TPV is driven by innovation and quality in order to meet customer needs. With numerous benchmark innovative solutions, we are driving development to a new level.

AvtoIN division

TPV Group - Body and chassis assemblies

Body and chassis assemblies

Advanced materials involving the principles of light-weight assembly, state-of-the-art production technologies and innovative approaches are our advantages in providing solutions related to body and chassis assemblies.

TPV Group - Seats and seat components


Development and production of seats and their components offer solutions meeting our customers’ needs for functionality, performance, ergonomics and style.

TPV Group - AGV – automated guided vehicles

AGV – automaded guided vehicles

Based on long-term experience we develop and offer comprehensive, cost-effective solutions known as AGV for the needs of production logistics management.

TPV Group - Engine gaskets


Long-year tradition and experience in engine gaskets production allow us to further strengthen our market position.

Vehicles division

Trailers division

TPV Group - Sales and after-sales of vehicles

Sales and after-sales of vehicles

TPV Group - Vehicles upgrading

Vehicles upgrading

TPV Group - Light car trailers

Light car trailers

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TPV is a reliable partner in the automotive industry working with a range of OEMs and system suppliers.

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