Project EAGLE successfully completed


TPV Automotive in cooperation with project partners Alpineon and the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto successfully completed the research and development of the project EAGLE: Advanced Sensor System for 3D Geometry Control of Complex Objects and Factories of the Future of the Future. The project was selected and co-financed within the Public Tender “Promoting the implementation of research and development projects (TRL 3-6)”.

Within the project EAGLE, we developed a demonstration prototype of an advanced 3D sensor system which enable frequency visual control of geometrically complex products. The prototype was validated and demonstrated in a simulated operational environment.  As a use case, we chose stamping parts distinguished by their complex intrinsic geometry, and for their propulsive lightweight design advantages. The quality control was performed by using innovative 3D procedures of machine vision, which was developed and upgraded based on our own patent solutions and tested within the project. We developed several new breakthrough solutions resulting in significant advances well beyond the state-of-the-art.

The result of the R&D project is a prototype of an advanced sensor system for the 3D geometry control of complex products in factories of the future, enabling large-scale producers to produce products with high added value. On a global scale, the system has a strong market potential in factories of the future both in the automotive and related industrial sectors.

At the end of the project, we also made a promotional film, which you can watch and like HERE: