TPV AUTOMOTIVE awarded another gold and silver for innovation by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Posavje


On 20 September, 2021, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Posavje conferred awards for the best innovations in the Posavje region in 2021. The awards committee consisting of seven members awarded four gold, three silver and two bronze innovations in total. TPV AUTOMOTIVE received one gold and one silver.


Battery tray sealing with cross weld

Innovators: Boris Menič, Vili Malnarič, Gregor Jordan, Dario Novak, Lea Gregl, Nina Prah

Description of the innovation: Our sealing innovation is implemented in EV of one of leading EV manufacturers. With the use of our innovative solution we solve the problems with sealing that occured with the previous solution. We are achieving battery tray sealing with deep penetration of MIG weld and FSW from the opposite side. This way we create a barrier wich prevents leaking of air and battery fluid as well as exposure to other fluids and dirt. That way we protect the battery modules from exterior infulences and we enable safe and reliable operation of EV. With the implementation of innovation in the production process we established a process that is suitable for use in automated serial production with high reliability of achieving sufficient sealing.


Innovative welding tool for perfect ergonomic experience for operators

Innovators: Miran Ferenčak, Katja Sajtl, Kristjan Kežman

Description of the innovation: TPV AUTOMOTIVE has developed innovative welding tool with automatic folding for a key component in a completly electric vehicle Volvo XC40 Recharge. The tool enables the worker simple and stable process of insertion of mass produced components in to the welding jig. With innovative approaches and advanced systems we prevent possible defects that could occur if the component would be welded incorrectly. Innovation is a unique solution and relates to our mission ”We connect inovative solutions” and our vision ” Creating mobility of the future”

Congratulations to all the innovators!