TPV AUTOMOTIVE becomes AMBASSADOR of the green, creative and smart economy of Slovenia


As sustainability is one of our top priorities we are pleased to announce that SPIRIT Slovenia has chosen TPV AUTOMOTIVE as an ambassador of the national communication campaign “I FEEL SLOVENIA. Green. Creative. Smart.”

The campaign’s goal is a comprehensive and unified promotion of Slovenian economy in the global competitive market. It aims to help raise awareness of Slovenia as a technologically developed, creative and green country and promote the introduced sustainable aspects of business and advanced business environment.

Sustainable solutions or sustainable products reflect environmental, social and wider economic responsibility, reduce or limit negative impacts on climate change and demonstrate progress in social and economic development. With these solutions, the chosen companies contribute to achieving goals of sustainable development.

The family of ambassadors consists of a group of Slovenian companies, which with their breakthrough solutions demonstrate the key competitive advantages of Slovenian economy: green, creative, smart.

Green. Creative. Smart. Each of the individual components of the communication campaign expresses the areas of the Slovenian economy that we consistently communicate: Green (care for the natural and social environment), Creative (creating added value through human talent) and Smart (achieving a competitive advantage through effective business solutions).

TPV AUTOMOTIVE is proving once again to be Green, Creative & Smart!