TPV AUTOMOTIVE awarded gold for innovation by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


After having received seven awards for innovation at regional level, TPV AUTOMOTIVE was awarded with national gold by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded the most innovative individuals, companies and other institutions at national level. These awards represent the highest national recognition of innovative achievements for Slovenian companies and promote innovation in Slovenia.

By winning gold at regional level, TPV AUTOMOTIVE’s »Universal robot »BIN PICKING« cell« was one of the 43 innovations that qualified for the final, and achieved great success by winning gold at national level as well.

The innovation is a product of cooperation between TPV AUTOMOTIVE and ALPINEON. The two companies joined their knowledge and experience in Industry 4.0 and created a novelty on a global scale. With the help of advanced machine vision, the universal robotic bin picking cell recognizes and picks up individual disordered items of complex shapes, sorts the items and arranges them for further processing. This significantly simplifies the production process, which would otherwise require ergonomically demanding and time-consuming manual labor. The worker is rid of difficult and repetitive motions and placed in the role of a supervisor. A simple user interface allows it to be easily and quickly adapted to any product.  Bin picking ensures greater workflow accuracy, speed and reliability. In addition, it is insensitive to environmental effects such as darkness, cold and viruses such as Covid, enabling uninterrupted operation regardless of the conditions, resulting in higher cost efficiency.

The award-winning group of innovators
behind the innovation consists of Boštjan Piletič, Jože Pezdirc, Dario Novak, Miroslav Kuharič, Alen Černelč, Boris Antolovič, Jernej Knežič, Matjaž Sotler, mag. Igor Lekše, Mišo Pereško, Srečko Basarac from TPV AUTOMOTIVE d.o.o., and dr. Mario Žganec, dr. Aleš Mihelič, dr. Stanislav Gruden, dr. Boštjan Vesnicer, dr. Žiga Golob, dr. Jaka Kravanja, dr. Jerneja Žganec Gros from ALPINEON, d. o. o.

At regional level, TPV AUTOMOTIVE has received seven awards in 2020 altogether, namely one gold, five silver and one bronze.

Dr. Ivan Erenda, Director of TPV AUTOMOTIVE, pointed out that »innovation awards are an indicator of our competencies that stretch on a global scale. Innovativeness is one of our company’s key values and a significant competitive advantage, which is why we are extremely proud of our innovators. In 2020, 43 of our excellent innovators have been awarded. I am also glad that all of our other employees display innovativeness at work.«