Vladimir Gregor Bahč becomes honorary citizen of Brežice


The municipality of Brežice awarded municipal recognitions and honorary citizenship at the 14th session of municipal council.

The municipality of Brežice bestowed the title of honorary citizen on Vladimir Gregor Bahč, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TPV GROUP. The mayor of Brežice, Ivan Molan, nominated Mr. Bahč for his contribution to the economic development in the municipality. The municipal council of Brežice accepted the nomination and granted the title of honorary citizen of Brežice to Mr. Bahč.

Since 1983, the municipality of Brežice has awarded the title of honorary citizen to only 14 contributors worthy of distinction. In the past, honorary citizenship of Brežice was bestowed on linguist Jože Toporišič and Olympic medalist Primož Kozmus among others.

In total, Vladimir Gregor Bahč has earned the title of honorary citizen of two Slovenian municipalities. The first title was bestowed on him by the municipality of Metlika in 2012.

Congratulations to Mr. Bahč for the distinction!