TPV and BMW together into one of the biggest deals in the Slovenian automotive industry

The BMW Group, who is a leading  manufacturer of premium cars with its BMW, MINI in Rolls-Royce car brands, has after more than two years of a complex selection process  in a strong international competition nominated the Slovenian company TPV as an exclusive supplier of the trailing arm.

Technologically state-of-the-art product having a key impact on the driving dynamics, will be built into more than 6 million vehicles as part of BMW platform. The production will start in few years.

TPV is one of the leading development suppliers operating in the global market of automotive industry. Their core product program is the development and production of different components for automotive industry such as body and chassis assemblies, car seat components and parts, and engine gaskets.

The newly won contract, which includes customer support in markets even outside Europe, is a confirmation of the globalization strategy adopted by TPV Group aimed at penetrating the USA and Chinese markets. It represents a great potential for development of the TPV Group in the global markets, and also extension of the existing production sites in Slovenia. Within the framework of this project, TPV is going to create 200 jobs and and substantially increase their production capacities which will be conceived as smart factories including a high level of automation and robotization.

According to experts, this is the biggest individual contract ever made in the Slovenian supply industry. TPV as a pre-development and development supplier, is also the provider of overall product development, which is in view of high customer requirements a remarkable achievement and proof of top level of TPV’s development competencies and Slovenian automotive industry as a whole. In this way, TPV is becoming one of the key exporters of Slovenian know-how and globalization drivers of Slovenian economy.

»Being nominated for such an important deal by a leading manufacturer of premium cars,« says the Director – President of Management, Marko Gorjup, MSc, » is an exceptional honor and result of long-year’s successful hard work. I am proud of my colleagues for demonstrating to the customer the excellence of our operating, development and production competencies, and designing a product which will be built into ones of the best quality cars in the world. »

By winning this contract, TPV is strengthening its position as an important development and pre-development supplier in the automotive industry.  »The company’s expansion worldwide will also enable a further support to the customer BMW as well as other manufacturers of premium cars worldwide,«  added Gorjup. 


TPV Group receives 6 awards for innovation

Within the framework of call for innovative proposals 2018 issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), the awards for the best innovations per region were conferred last week. TPV Group participated within three regions where we also have operations: the Štajerska, Posavska and Dolenjsko-Belokranjska region. Altogether we participated with six innovations which are the result of internal knowledge, ideas and positive motivation of our employees. All inovations involving 42 innovators of TPV Group have been awarded.

  • Gold awards conferred by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolenjska (GZDBK) for the innovations:

First integrated unlimited position door check, made by the authors: Mirko Zupanc, MSc,  Vili Malnarič, MSc, Jurij Švegelj, Miran Podpečan, Marko Malnarič, Mitja Drenovec, Aleš Jakša, Tadej Verce, Dušan Šimec, Matevž Masilo and Boštjan Judež.

Fully automated process of welding and worplace handling, the authors of which are: Marko Malnarič, Boštjan Piletič, Mišo Pereško, Janez Jereb, Denis Furjanić, Kristjan Kežman, Janez Sluga, Dario Novak, Robert Simčič, Matej Mikolič and Aleš Ucman.

  • Silver award for innovation by GZDBK was given for:   

Flexible welding cell for automated resistance welding of nuts made by:   Predrag Vučinić, Boštjan Piletič, Mišo Pereško, Veljko Goleš, Blaž Stare and Anej Pust.


  • Gold award conferred by the Regional Chamber of Posavje for the innovation called:

Automated self-learning calibration of welded parts inside the line, the authors of which are:   Matjaž Sotler,  Marko Jurak, MSc, Miroslav Kuharić, Denis Zore and Jože Pezdirc.

  • Bronze award conferred by the Regional Chamber of Posavje for the innovation:

Robotisation of T&H headrest brushing made by: Miroslav Kuharić , Alen Černelč, Tomislav Klarič, Mario Leskovec and Jure Mohor.

  • Silver award by the Regional Chamber of Štajerskafor the innovation called:  

OFF ROAD camping trailer,  the authors of which are:  Sandi Kramberger, Željko Šekuljica, Aleksander Karlovčec and Peter Hajdinjak.

TPV Prikolice celebrating the 15th anniversary of operations

The company TPV Prikolice, established in 2002 by TPV d.o.o. from Novo mesto and Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH from Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of car trailers in this part of Europe. In terms of quantity of trailers sold, it is the biggest in Slovenia and one of three biggest in this part of Europe. Having the headquarters in Ptuj and employing more than 80 people, they produce over 25.000 trailers per year and sell them to all EU countries and markets of the former Yougoslavia.

The solemn ceromony was held at the headquarters of the company TPV, where the cooperation agreement was first concluded in 2002, and gathered representatives of the German partner Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH, which is the leading company for production of more professional trailers, especially horse trailers where they have been breaking ground for 60 years and setting new global trends.

The guests were addressed by Mr. Vladimir Gregor Bahč, the procurator of TPV Group d.o.o. and Mr. Klaus Böckmann, director of the partner company Böckmann, who as signatories of the agreement recalled memories on establishing the joint venture company and first years of its operations.

Mr. Marko Gorjup, Director – President of Management TPV d.o.o., stressed the importance of TPV Prikolice within the TPV Group and pointed out the record performances achieved in 2017.

TPV Prikolice is an important Slovenian exporter and a development-focused company. They manufacture boat trailers, motorcycle trailers and car transporters, light trailers and special trailers made to measure. They manufacture more than 80 types of trailers which may be converted into various versions and options. At top season, over 250 trailers are produced a day. They are also an innovative company which is confirmed by rewards conferred for innovation and numerous new products. This year, they are launching several new models, among which will be a completely new type, a camping trailer. As the first responses are good, we believe this will be a new milestone and another success story.

We hosted the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China

At the invitation of the Director – President of Management, Mr. Marko Gorjup, a five-member delegation of the Chinese Embassy paid a visit to our company  yesterday.

Preparations to extend our production capacities beyond the European continent due to more complex  and wide-ranging new business projects, are getting increasingly intense. In addition to the intended extension to the USA, because of which the US Ambassador recently visited our company, an extension to China is also under way. For this purpose, TPV set up the company »Shenyang TPV avtomobilski deli d.o.o« in 2017, which is only the beginning of our business journey to China. It is necessary to establish cooperation with compatible and reliable local partners, and we wish to get help from the Embassy of China to find them.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Slovenia, His excellency Mr.  Ye Hao, along with the Embassy members, the Economic Advisor  Mr. Yuan Kehua, Second Secretary at the Economic Department at the Chinese Embassy Mr. Wu Tongxin, and PA to the Ambassador Mr. Yang Yuheng, were excited to visit our business units in Novo mesto and Velika Loka and be presented with the TPV Group and our objectives related to the extension to China.

Our guests from the Chinese Embassy expressed great satisfaction over the presentation of our extension plans and tour of facilities, and praised organisation of our production and management. Furthermore, they offered us all necessary support and wished us successful implementation of intended activities.


Cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolinar and the Director – President of Management TPV, Marko Gorjup, M.Sc., yesterday signed an agreement on joint purchase and use of research equipment, which will strengthen mutual cooperation in the field of research and development.

The cooperation will be mostly focused on the robotics (cooperative robots, guidance and navigation of vehicles, smart sensors, etc), which will help to accelerate implementation of the most advanced technologies and their use in specific industrial applications. In this way, we will establish a direct cooperation with students enabling us to identify interesting staff resources.

On behalf of TPV, the cooperation will be the responsibility of Igor Lekše, Director of Process Automatization, and on behalf of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, prof.dr. Marko Munich, Head of Measurement and Robotics.

TPV receives compliments and a special diploma on the twentieth anniversary of PRSPO

As part of of the 37th International Conference on Organizational Science Development held this week in Portorož, Thursday 22 March was dedicated to the business excellence. The same day was held the event called »Business excellence of organisations«, coorganized by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences Kranj, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and Chamber of Craft of Slovenia.

At the ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the PRSPO Act and first PRSPO award, a special attention was paid to all fifteen PRSPO award winners so far. The Business Excellence Award of the Republic of Slovenia is the highest recognition given by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the achievements in the field of quality of business performance as a result of development of knowledge and innovation as wll as continuous improvements which make Slovenia more successful and competitive. The award winners are important ambassadors of business excellence in Slovenia. In recognition for their cooperation in the area of business excellence, they were given compliments. This year, the so far award winners have been joined by the Ljubljana University Medical Center.

TPV has also been one of the winners of this highest national recognition as it was conferred in 2011. At yesterday event, we received two recognitions: compliments for our contribution to the excellence in Slovenia given through our example and reputation, and a diploma on the twentieth anniversary of PRSPO for a special contribution to integration of our employees into the assessment commission.

TPV met with the model of excellence at the very beginning of its implementation in Slovenia (1997-1998). The model was recognized as an upgrade of quality standards as it offered a broader view of the company’s operations. TPV have continuously supported the development of excellence by actively integrating our assessors into the assessment procedures (Bukovec, Košak, Gorjup, Erenda, Jevšček, Petrič), which had a significant effect on implementing the approaches in the development of the company. In 2007, a decision was made at the strategic conference to upgrade the then existing management systems with the EFQM excellence models. In the period 2008 – 2009, they carried out two internal self-assessments, and in 2010, the first application for tender PRSPO made and submitted. TPV became a finalist and received an award for special achievements in the field of innovation and learning, and in 2011 when submitting the application for the second time, they became a PRSPO award winner. TPV continues to use the EFQM model as a basis for development and improvement (strategy updating, change of vision and mission) even after receiving the award.

TPV has been acting actively in the field of development and promotion of business excellence for many years. The Director – President of Management, Mr. Marko Gorjup, M.Sc. is also a member of the PRSPO Committee, chaired by the Minister for Economic Development and Technology, Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek. Prior to Mr. Gorjup, this function was held by Mr. Vladimir Gregor Bahč. Anton Petrič, the Director of Management Systems and driving force of this development in TPV, currently holds the position of the President of PRSPO Jurors Team. At the event, he also took part as a moderator at the round table »Business Excellence Ecosystem – government support, achievements and challenges«.

Visit of the US Ambassador at TPV

Strengthening customers’ trust, gained through long-years demonstration of our development and production capabilities, we have been increasingly given more complex and wide-ranging projects, and the latter also include extension of our operations. Therefore, our Management and Sales Division are intensively involved in examining possibilities to set up new locations which will allow us to simultaneously support several customers with complex and logistically demanding products which are difficult to deliver to remote places. As a result, an extension to the USA is also envisaged in the near future, preparations for which are ongoing and strategically most favourable locations are being examined.

In order to strengthen the cooperation with the US Embassy in Slovenia, we hosted this week the US Ambassador in Slovenia, His Excelleny Mr Brent R. Hartley, who was accompanied by the Economic Officer, Mr. Donald Baker and the Economic Advisor at the US Embassy, Mr. Matjaž Kavčič.

We presented our guests with the TPV Group and our objectives related to the extension, and toured the facilities in BU Novo mesto and BU Velika Loka. They expressed extreme satisfaction over the visit and plans of extension, and offered us support and advice we need.

Successful presentation of AGV at the LogiMAT trade fair

From 13 to 15 March, Stuttgart hosted one of the biggest intralogistics trade fairs in Europe. This year was TPV’ s second successful presentation of innovative solutions for comprehensive automation of internal logistics.

The yellow AGV Optimatik 160 was again the star of the exhibition. As the lowest tunnel AGV exhibited at the trade fair, it attracted great attention both with its compact dimension and applicability thanks to its wide array of functions and autonomy – wi-fi connection, interface with planning systems, etc.

The Automatization Team was at the exhibition represented by Igor Lekše, Aleksander Brence and Janez Sluga, and was reinforced with Aleš Gričar, Marko Gorjup, M.Sc. and Ivan Erenda, Ph.D. In three exhibition days they made altogether over 100 interviews with potential customers, among them most reputable companies like Daimler, VW, Faurecia, BSH, Bosh, Siemens, Aerospace, Elektrolux, Škoda, MAHLE, Michelin, Plastic Omnium and others. The team received several requests for elaboration of studies of internal logistics or complex offers and agreed to make several individual presentations and meetings in different companies, including some OEMs.

Visitors’ responses to our exhibition stand show again that development of solutions for automation of production logistics is a good strategic decision and that TPV with their experience and competencies is becoming an important player on the market. Our participation at the LogiMAT trade fair was surely the right decision which raises expectations for positive sales effects.

Marko Gorjup, M.Sc., becomes member of the Management Board of the University of Novo mesto

Upon entry in the register of legal entities on February 1, Novo mesto was given its own university, established by four faculties: Faculty of Business and Management Sciences Novo mesto (FPUV), Faculty of Business, Management and Informatics Novo mesto (FUPI), Faculty of Technologies and Systems (FTS), and Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto (FZV). All faculties together have about 600 students and 100 professors, and they are also proud of their research activities, international cooperation and close connection with local business entities.

March 5, the University of Novo mesto hosted the constituent meeting of the management board, where Mr. Marko Gorjup, M.Sc., Director – President of Management TPV d.o.o., was appointed member of the management board. Mr. Gorjup is as a representative of the industry sector suggested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

Connections between the economy and educational institutions are of a significant importance as they allow customizing educational programmes to the needs of economy in order to acquire high-quality personnel. TPV is well aware of this and therefore closely integrates with schools in a wide range of areas.

5th TPV Day of Innovation

TPV Day of Innovation is a yearly event where the corporation TPV Group presents their innovation actions and achievements made the previous year, and also points out new trends, aspects and findings in the area of innovation. This year, the event took place on Tuesday, February 13, in the new showroom of TPV Group on Kandijska cesta 60. The ceremony was opened by  Mr. Marko Gorjup, Director – President of Management TPV d.o.o., who in the opening speech stressed the importance of innovations which in the increasingly changing environment allow us to adapt to changes and gain competitive advantages. In TPV, they are well aware of this and therefore systematically develop, promote and reward innovations in all levels.

The innovators were virtually greeted by one of the biggest and most famous Slovenian inventors Peter Florjančič, author of about 400 patents. He addressed the innovators with words of encouragement and shared some interesting stories and ideas with the audience about the birth of perfume atomiser and car airbag which he had sketched back in 1957.

Krunoslav Šimrak, the director of research and development division, presented the technology trends in the automotive industry, such as: autonomy, electrification, connectivity and car sharing. The global innovation index for 2017 has revealed that the world’s most innovative countries have been Sweden, the USA, Germany and the Great Britain, where are also located TPV’s biggest customers. The latter attach great importance to innovations and expect their suppliers, among them also TPV, to demonstrate such a commitment.

In TPV Group, innovations have become a significant part of all work processes and employees’ mentality. Last year, a 10.000th innovative proposal was submitted by the employees  representing 2,9 suggestions per employee. The number of innovative ideas is increasing year by year. Last year, the TPV employees submitted almost 3.000 inovative proposals. Among the innovative ideas, the Innovation Committee traditionally selects the most valuable proposal submitted by an individual and a team and they receive an additional award. At the ceremony, the awards and  recognitions for the best innovative ideas  were conferred by the director – president of management, Mr. Marko Gorjup, the director – member of management, Mr. Ivan Erenda, and the director of R&D division, Mr. Krunoslav Šimrak. According to the Innovation Committee, Marko Malnarič was the most impressive innovator with the innovative proposal called »Robotised manufacturing of a product for Range Rover vehicles«. The award for the most valuable team innovation was conferred to Srečko Basarac and Primož Kozan for their innovation called »Feasibility study and implementation of protection in the press tool«.

In accordance with strategic guidelines adopted by TPV Group, the further education of employees is besides the innovation system also a part of  the incentive plan. Therefore, Mr. Marko Gorjup and Mrs. Martina Brec, the HR director, granted recognitions to all employees who finished education last year: Boštjan Piletič, Davor Tramte, Lea Gregel, Bernard Lesica, Borut Čeh, Marko Erjavec, Stefan Cvijanović.

The Martin Sever Award for the best graduate thesis was conferred by Mr. Marko Gorjup and Vladimir Gregor Bahč, the procurator of TPV Group, to Davor Tramte for the diploma thesis called »3D scanning and making of a 3D model based on a point cloud  as a step in  reverse engineering process of a trailing arm(Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto).

The ceremony itself was held in an innovative way, as a collaborative robot helped passing the awards. Moreover, Janez Dovč also spiced up the ceremony in an innovative way by playing different instruments from Tesla Coil, the theremin to the laser harp while performing pieces of Tesla music show.

The guests of the event were Vedran Tare from the company Rimac Automobili, who presented a concept of developing an electric car, and Robert Gril from the company Universal Robots, who  pointed out the novelties and tends in the field of collaborative robots.

A proof that our care for innovativeness is not fruitless, are also 10 innovation awards TPV received last year: two silver awards by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Posavje Region, a gold and three silver innovation awards by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Dolenjska and Bela krajina Region, a silver and a bronze recognition by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Štajerska Region, a silver recognition by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and a gold recognition by the Innovation Association in the municipality of Karlovac, Croatia. In future, the company is going to focus their innovative strength even more intensively on the area of automation and robotization, digitization, cloud management, and innovation platform implementation.